Got an emergency? Here's what to do:

If your emergency is within the hours of 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday please contact us via the office phone on 0151 351 4333 or via

If your emergency is outside of these hours, contact our emergency phone on 07376 056542. Emergencies are classed as the following, please don’t contact us for any spider removals!  

  • No heat in your property (during the winter months)
  • No running water in your property 
  • No electricity in your property 
  • Leaking/Flooding in your property 

Is my emergency an emergency?

In some cases, whilst being a nuisance, some ’emergencies’ might not actually be emergencies at all. For example, we understand that a lightbulb blowing is inconvenient however it is something that can be safely resolved the next day rather than calling the out of hours team. Similarly what may seem like an emergency may have an easy fix. Take your electricity for example, sometimes what may seem like a lack of power may simply be the fuse blowing. In the instance that you do lose power whether it be electricity or gas, remove the smart metre key and put it back to activate the emergency credit. If that still doesn’t work in the instance of electricity, check your fuse box to ensure the fuse hasn’t tripped. In the case that it has, you will simply need to flip the switch to reactivate the power. If you have tried all of the above and are still not making any progress, please contact the relevant number listed above.